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Drive Chain & Sprocket

Asima Gunung Makmur adalah Reseller resmi untuk produk sprocket dan chain conveyor merek KOBO. Memiliki berbagai macam tipe untuk berbagai kebutuhan industri.


a. Palm Oil Chains

Ketten für die Palmölindustrie

b. Sprocket

Realize what possible is.

Using our large production facilities we can manufacture sprockets and sprocket plates in nearly any exacting variation up to a diameter of 1700mm.

We feel just as at home working with specialized sprockets as we do with single, dual and triple roller chains and sprockets. If a customer needs it, we can make it. We create customized solutions and materials upon request. Just look at our corrosion-resistant and split designs as an example.

We manufacture our sprockets with these features:

  • One-sided hub, symmetric or asymmetric
  • Welded hub, welded or manufactured
  • Passfedernut - key grooved
  • Threaded for screw holes
  • Debris channeling/grooves
  • Enhanced joint play
  • Shear pins
  • Interchangeable tooth segmenting
  • Pre-gearing
  • Hardened teeth
  • Tooth shaping according to DIN, or special forms
  • Noise attenuation